Writer/ artist Mike Buehner was born and raised in Southern Ontario.  Mike received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology from the University of Waterloo. In early 2011, he decided to start his own publishing company. Calling it Volpe Press, ( the Latin word " volpe" means "fox"), Mike was able to self-publish his first comic strip collection, Crawdiddy: Carpal Tunnel Vision  . To keep up with fan requests, Mike will continue to post Crawdiddy comic strips from the book from time to time. Occasionally,  new material will be posted as well. 

In 2012, the comic strip, Rita and Rudy  was introduced with Mike taking on the writing and artwork duties once again. It featured the antics of Rita the raccoon and Rudy the skunk as they continued to fight for survival in suburbia. New material will be coming out later in 2013. Stay tuned.


 Latest  News  : In early 2013, Mike  released his two childrens books, Giddy Kiddies Joke Book Volume One and Giddy Kiddies Joke Book Volume Two.  at Smashwords.com. These e-books were offered for the low price of 99 cents each and were also made available for downloading on most platforms such as Kindle, Sony Reader and Kobo.